BARLEYmax® flakes

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BARLEYmax® is an all-natural, nutritionally superior ‘super’ grain. Developed by the CSIRO, the unique blend of prebiotic fibre in BARLEYmax® helps to support good gut health every day. Add BARLEYmax® flakes to your cooking, baking or simply sprinkle over your favourite breakfast cereal in the morning!

BARLEYmax® flakes

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Support good gut health every day with BARLEYmax®. Featuring a unique combination of prebiotic fibres, BARLEYmax® is highly versatile and completely delicious.

Simply sprinkle over your favourite breakfast cereal, or add to your cooking or baking – it’s never been easier to support healthy gut function every day.
BARLEYmax® is non-GMO and 100% Australian grown and processed.
Contains gluten. Please note, BARLEYmax® is packed in a facility where a wide range of common allergens may be present.

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My dietician recommends it. It helps to make me feel full and it is necessary for my gut health.

Susan S


Having BARLEYmax® daily keeps me regular.

Brenda E


I think it’s a wonderful product for health and started eating when blood sugar was getting high.

Wendy M


BARLEYmax® is an easy way to improve my gut and heart health.

Lawrence T


I consume BARLEYmax® for many reasons - it’s health benefits, it's delicious, it’s locally produced, and based on science.

Barbara T