Happy Gut Snacks

Simple but smart snacking choices can make a big difference when it comes to maintaining the health of your gut. What are the best options for happy-gut snacks?

Wholegrain crackers / rice cakes

Wholegrain crackers or rice cakes are a fantastic, gut loving snack. Choosing crackers that are packed with wholegrains, or rice cakes that are made with brown or black rice, are a sure-fire way to deliver your gut a dose of fibre to keep it functioning optimally. The Australian Dietary Guidelines recommend that adults consume between 25g – 30g dietary fibre per day, so the addition of fibre rich snacks to your diet are a healthy (and delicious) choice. Keep things interesting by adding a range of different toppings including avocado (for healthy fats), cottage cheese (a good source of protein), and fresh veggies for a flavour burst.


Quick. Easy. Convenient. Portable. Yoghurt ticks all the boxes when it comes to smart, happy gut snacking. Rich in calcium, B vitamins and protein, yoghurt is a satisfying snack that has an impressive list of health benefits to boot. When it comes to gut health, most yoghurts are rich in probiotics – the good bacteria that is found in the gut. In particular, there are two types of probiotics most commonly found in yoghurt; Bifidobacteria and Lactobacillus. Be sure to choose yoghurt that highlights the probiotics on the pack for the best gut boosting benefit. While you’re at it – step away from the sweetened, flavoured yoghurts that are often laden with sugar, and choose unflavoured Greek yoghurt instead. Top with fruit, nuts or perhaps some muesli for a deliciously delightful, healthy snack. Bon appetit!

Veggie sticks and dip

A little preparation can go a long way when the 3:30pm snack-attack hits. Avoid the vending machine or café by preparing a variety of vegetable sticks – think carrot, celery and cucumber – to munch on between lunch and dinner. Paired with a healthy dip such a such as hummus or tzatziki, your 3:30itis will be banished in no time.


Another option for to add to the quick and easy snack column is nuts. In particular, almonds and pistachios are high in dietary fibre, as well as being a good source of prebiotic fibre. The Australian Dietary Guidelines recommend that a serve of nuts is equivalent to 30g (or approximately one handful). If you find yourself snacking on the go, plan ahead by pre-portioning a serve of nuts to keep handy.

Tell us – what’s your favourite happy gut snack?


Intended as general advice only. Consult your health care provider to discuss any specific concerns.

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